Private Voice Lessons

After 25+ years of singing and over 11 years of teaching, I have become a firm believer that anyone can sing, and sing well.  Every person has his/her own unique voice that should be enjoyed and shared, and even problems with pitch can be corrected with time and training.  The biggest problem most ‘new’ singers must deal with is psychological – shyness and lack of confidence,  which create barriers for would-be singers.

My focus as a vocal teacher is on healthy, vibrant singing, and I use the fundamentals of Italianite technique, such as appoggio and legato phrasing, to accomplish this.  After years of training and singing, I have seen the benefits in myself and in my students.

I take pride in providing a warm, caring and positive environment for all, so that the inner performer can be freed!

Voice lesson rates:
1/2hr lessons once a week: $80/month
45min lessons once a week: $120/month
1hr lessons once a week: $160/month


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