Andrea is the best teacher ever. I use to be the biggest chicken. She has worked my voice and my range so well that I am no where near as worried to show off my voice to others as I use to be. She is so easy to work with, to challenge yourself with, and to push yourself further in the direction you're going for. Thank you Andrea!

Hannah Torok-Both
As a mom the best thing you can ever see is a huge ear to ear smile on your child's face.  I get to see this every time I pick my daughter up from voice lessons with Andrea!

Tracy Torok-Both
Andrea is an inspirational teacher for my daughter.  Seeing Andrea in performance demonstrated her amazing talent and we appreciate her gentle way of encouraging high standards in music.

Colleen Dally
I have been taking voice and piano with Andrea and have learned so much, and this has given me a lot of confidence, whether I'm singing or playing.  My friends have noticed a big improvement, and I look forward to practicing now, joyfully and regularly, instead of dreading it.  I have found myself, and with encouragement, I look forward to challenging my abilities in the future.

Derek Landon
Andrea has been a welcoming, warm and kind teacher to our daughter.  She has made every accommodation to ensure our daughter feels safe, supported and welcome to the world of music.  Andrea has stellar communication skills and ensures parents are involved.  Andrea goes above and beyond any teacher I have worked with.   Our daughter really enjoys her time with Andrea and has learned a lot!  I would recommend Andrea to anyone!

Renee Racette
I took my first ever piano lesson from Andrea when I retired.  I have been studying with her going on 7 years now and do not want to stop.  What fun!!  She takes the joy of music from her studio and sends it home with you.

Anne McLean
Andrea is a fantastic Kindermusik teacher.  She ensures that every child feels special and important while catering activities to different developmental stages (Family Time).  In the chaos that comes from a group of toddlers and preschoolers having fun, Andrea is a calm and joyous presence.

Analese Whitehead
I couldn't imagine a better place to send my daughter. Andrea brings her joy of music and passes it along to her students. My daughter's skills were greatly developed, and her dreams of a musical career are much closer to reality thanks to Andrea. If you are thinking of signing up with Andrea, stop thinking and do it. It will be a decision you will not regret.

Ken Jack
Everything...especially the attention to details in a respectful caring environment.... and the praise!


Allison Pirie
Andrea understands my daughter - she was able to match an awesome program to her learning style and Esther is thriving under her excellent teaching.  Andrea definitely loves music and it shines through in all she does 🙂


Coral Newport
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