Private Piano Lessons

The piano is one of the most popular instruments for children to start their musical journey on, and for good reason.  My own experiences have taught me that with a strong base in piano, and in the basics in theory and ear training that go along with any well rounded private piano instruction, a student can pick up almost any other instrument later in life quickly and easily.  I myself have been able to learn the tuba, bass guitar, and the violin at different times in my life, and though I did not take the time to learn these instruments to performance quality, I was able to enjoy playing in bands and sight reading new music on them with ease.

Piano students in my studio are given a strong foundation, not just in piano pedagogy but in theory and ear training, which will serve them for life.  They are given the skills to play with good technique, and we work continually on understanding the theory and overall structure of any music tackled – I believe students of any subject deserve to understand the how and the why. I encourage strong sight reading skills, but playing by ear is also embraced as a valued and important skill.

Please contact me if you are considering piano lessons for your child, or for you!  I am happy to meet with you to discuss options for your musical journey.

Piano Lesson Rates:
1/2hr once a week: $80/month
45min once a week: $120/month
1hr once a week: $160/month



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